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Hype as in things we hyped, things we got together and did, things for fun. Just like anything else, hype is to swa fei. Swa fei is fun and it leaves memories. I know a few people who work their butts off in and out of school, just for school. And worse, when I ask them what they want to do, they're not sure. Well maybe they think skool work is fun. I don't. Skool depletes a lot of my energy and zombifies me. We create our own fun. We hype what we want. Screw the trends; we create our trends. So, hype, as in what we hyped together.

Links by grade year and main participants:

  • Since 9th grade, benbry, nr9, amdrew, asy_9, jame, mankit, nick, tomkit, billfu, byris, sid, victor, jacko... pretty much everybody - dedicated members of World Vision TAS.
  • 10th grade, led by nr9 - PK RC5 crackteam (pretty much useless now :) ).
  • 11th grade, benbry, amdrew, nr9, tomkit, nick, mankit, asy_9 - gathering at Baseball Park for mass tag, aka "puja germs" (which is pretty damn mean... name was borrowed) for that afternoon; badminton after. Not really a project, but sort of a recreational reaction to the puja germs song, the first song to complete in the Mankit CD.
  • 11th to 12 grade, everybody - Hosgeldiniz. A good phrase.
  • 12th grade, billfu, nr9, byris, benbry, asy_9, shin, sidris, victorious luser, mankit, nick, amdrew, jacko, tomkit (basically the whole team) - Huo guo at school, we brought cookware and food to school, cooked at the pavilion next to the badminton court, ate and badmintoned and swa fei.
  • 12th grade, nr9, shin, byris, benbry, tomkit, jame, jacko, nick, amdrew, sidris, mankit, asy_9 - Promoting localness. TAS being its own culture (which dumbly, doesn't fit properly into a real US culture nor the Taiwanese culture), is hidden from the fact that locals are cool. Hmm, I don't really know if my list is complete... pretty much everybody was involved in some local hype. I wasn't that involved, but I agree that locals are good and much of TAS is ignorant about this fact.

more hype; touch chin, ufc, loop hit trick

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