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Huo guo - Intro

12th grade, following the local obsession, Shin, Byris, and Billfu came with a plan for Huo Guo at school. It was a good plan because it was crazy -- nobody brings their own pots to school and cooks their dinner there, outdoors.

Them three did pretty much all the beginning work. I think nr9 was there to go shopping. There were some stupid school/club activities that friday afternoon so some people had to be late. It was a well-planned gathering. Eat in pavilion, play badminton in courts. Mankit brought his CD player and we had music. Lotsa people came to visit, friends, and Mrs. Bond, our badminton coach. Cleanup work was kinda tedious; finished up everything around 23:30.

Huo guo is good. Huo guo is good. Huo guo is good. Huo guo is good. Huo guo is good. Huo guo is good.

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