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RC5 - Intro

RC5 IS OFFICIALLY OVER! I think the end of this 4 year event merits a celebration. But suck that we can't have one. Anyway... awesome.

Probably the first "project" involving a "team." From this project the team really seemed more like a team, it expanded, and we got some team graphics.

9th grade, when back orifice or something became a stupid fashion, nr9 told me one day that "they are the enemy." They was cult Dead cow. Sounds ridiculous. He was cracking in Mac Evangelists or something. Somehow we all got started in this pretty dumb crackproject. Team "The Ph1yin' Kowz" was created.

9th grade 2nd semester, some of us went to interview for the school webteam (webteam is stupid, cuz its mostly brainless labor, just like making this page! But this contains memories :) ). Some cocky cockheaded guy figured we were cracking, and asked us to join the webteam team. Absolutely pointless, as if it were some serious issue.

10th grade, it somehow turned into a discreet competition -- Tas Web and PK never spoke about it together, but it was pretty obvious. Cockhead guy got his client on many P!!!'s in the physics lab, and we worked with sheer team power. We got a special guy from WV, who got obsessed with the idea, and got a bunch of secret CPU power. Most of it was BS ("MS-LAB!!! 7000 BLOCKS!!!"), but he did come up with a bunch of blocks, and he went around "recruiting" people, hahaha!

The annoying, useless competition seemed to go on for a long time and we decided we'd finish off Tas Web (for me, it became more of a personal thing, cuz cockyhead was just cocky and I wanted to piss him off). Mr. Cockhead was paranoid of us beating his team or something; we figured if we gain blocks pretty fast, he'd go ask some more teachers to give him computer power. This was funny: several of us got "secret accounts" (ha, ha, cough) and accumulated blocks there. We dumped blocks all in the same day, and pulled off the distance pretty much, and probably cockhead's chance of getting back at us.

Thinking back, it was all pretty dumb. Anyway, pretty much everybody has the same chance of finding the key. $2000 really isn't that much if you think about it. Competition from this is just laughable. But this kinda pulled the team together cuz we all got one "common enemy." Just an interesting memory.

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