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World Vision TAS - Intro

Benbry, nr9, amdrew, asy_9, jame, and mankit joined World Vision TAS since 9th grade and stayed through senior year. There was also nick, jacko, billfu, sid, byris (who never showed up :) ), (shin?), tomkit, victor, anthony... so many names I might've missed some. Left lots of memories from outings.

I remember in the 9th grade outings, Howard - "Those freshmans..." Danny - "Shiao Guei" Alan - listens to MD, works quietly away from our noisy bunch.

Oh yeah... what we left. We did assembly lines in Taida blanket folding. Mankit and nr9 were the most dedicated community service leaders (and nr9 even when he wasn't an officer). We always helped out during fairs, and did setup and cleanup work, and worked past shifts. Bake sales... we started the fan cooling (and fridge cooling? hehehe). Oh yeah, rose packaging, delivery, and rose card printing, cutting, stamping... mankit is god. And hell, it was really annoying when the underexperienced officers started taking over, like at the rose sale... someone with less experience bossing you around... um, pretty no. But who cares. We usually appeared in groups, and we had fun and we helped out. Oh yeah, mankit is god.

WV TAS got worse and worse across the years. Many good officers got replaced by not-as-good ones. When we were seniors, it was kinda funny how lots of the people who knew how to do everything were us; and the club was often piss off and messed up. We once said after we leave, WV would be in "dark ages" (j/k). But really, there's no more mankit and nr9 many of those transcript hypocrites can turn to, no more victorious luser's pictures and slideshows, no more nick's working overtime everywhere... I wonder how well the jobs will be handled.

Anyway, left lotsa pictures from 4 years of club. Stupidly, none from 9th grade. Stupidly. Stupidly. Stupidly.

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