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Localness - Intro

Locals are good. Lotsa TAS students are stuck up and bad. Locals are good. Local math and science are better, they have bushiban, they eat good stuff, they watch good movies, they have good badminton skill, they have good dances, they have good humor, good language, good, good good, and good good.

I forgot who started the local thing. Nr9 and benbry I think. Jacko, Byris, Sid, and Shin were also pretty into it. I also forgot when, like near the end of 11th grade or something. It went stronger senior year. I didn't involve myself that much. But locals have good things that TAS doesn't.

Nr9, Sid, Shin, Benbry, and Byris got pretty famous for their local-ness. Got written in the school newspaper, and Nr9 got "most local" in superlatives. Here's the quote from B&G: "Apart from the clan of seniors who idolize and emulate these 'locals', most TAS students have trouble relating with their local counterparts who wear purple sweatpants to school." (By the way, I have yet to see a local who wears purple sweatpants to school everyday. Although the writer of that sentence in B&G was just citing an example, it's a bit too conclusive -- and will give the wrong impression on TAS students, which is probably a good reason why "most TAS students have trouble relating". I believe the hype isn't based on idolization, nor emulation, not even relating to locals, but as respectful interest, and learning to appreciate aspects of life (humor, dances, etc) that we are less familiar with.)

The influence of kowz in the TAS community with this hype was moderate. Some people asked for local bags (uh... not like we sell them). A few from class of 2001 brought their bags to college. One or two use them I think. Swang.

All the hype: Local movies, local uniform, local backpacks, local dances, local school visits, local friends.

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