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Werks as in works, works as in projects, projects with products, productive or not. We had projects since 1998, and they are all centered around swa fei, fun (well swa fei is usually fun), and to leave memories. Swa fei means to be silly... no, I mean good; fun should be a superset of swa fei. Swa fei is good, so everybody should swa fei once in a while. I can't stand how boring skool is, and how boring ppl get by going to skool. Swa fei is a good solution to boringness in our schoolyears. So, werks, as in werks we did.

Visit here for kowz team products and errata. This includes the kowz uniform and kowz badges.

Links by grade year and main participants:

  • 8th grade, benbry, nr9, asy_9 - Anti Band Campaign (also the formation of PKM, Ph1yin' Kowz Mo5kow, ph1yin' kowz today).
  • 11th grade, mankit, nr9, asy_9, victorious luser, sidris - Mankit CD, inspired by pictures from a WV outing, and by the holy, enchanting voices of Mankit God Li. Kowz produced a pretty damn real CD by doing all the digital editing, graphics, sound editing and recording (so the quality was $#%#), packaging, and advertising. It was our biggest project, and spanned over half a year, from planning to distribution. From this, the formation of God Records subdivision, and our team uniform.
  • 12th grade, byris, asy_9, billfu, shin, sid, and Charles ('unofficial kow') - Project Prom. as the last project in high school for the senior kowz, and a plan to make the boring senior PR0M a bit more fun for ourselves, and to set a precedent in PRON prank and SWA FEI in the, I repeat, undescribably boring PR0N PR0N P0RN, we dressed up in Jedi robes and raided the PROM floor with lightsabers (that glew BRIGHT!). One of the best projects... (and it really sucked that there were only 6 of us) byris: "I so will remember this day." By the way, we AREN'T Star Warzy fans.
  • 12th grade summer, asy_9 (so far) - lightsaber gathering 3. We will (hopefully) gather before all leaving off to college, and have some recordings with our newer lightsabers. Again, we aren't Star Warz fans
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