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Project Prom - Intro

For the lightsaber project summer 2002, see Lightsaber Gathering 3

This project we did for senior prom (2002). I've always wanted to swa fei in a big dance. In our school there are two per year: frolic and prom. I didn't go to the prom in my junior year cuz I was rushing Mankit CD (and guiltily I missed my sister's graduation for it too... and lost a lot of study time for AP). Senior frolic I had a date. My date said she'd freak out if I swa fei, so, sigh, I didn't. Last chance was senior prom. My sister said it was boring last year, so no reason not to swa fei there. I couldn't decide what to do, until two days before the prom, a few friends said they would swa fei with me. Suddenly we decided to be jedis. It was super rushed and spontaneous; we had no plan. But the results were good, and again, a project (the last by the senior kowz... stupid security paranoia later prevented me from doing a prank) and a memory. That was a damn good memory. Byris: "I so will remember this day." One of the best days of the whole year, maybe highskool.

Our robes were hand cut and hand made; a clothes designer drew us the schematic for free (she was super nice, and she designed clothes for Jay Zhou!!!). Our lightsabers were 'chemical sabers'. They glow bright up to 8 hours, and still glow (dimly) up to 48 hours. My greatest grief from this project was that I didn't take enough pictures... sigh. What also sucked, was the pictures we took inside the prom didn't show glowing sabers. What was left of the glow, was nick's short video.

Objective: Memory, have fun, prank the boring prom, and as always, swa fei.

Means of production: Hand assembled. Used glue-gun, silicon gun, badminton handle, acryllic rod, badminton grip, glow sticks, 4m of 1.5m wide cloth for each robe. 'Kungfu uniform', the black Tang-style shirts Byris helped us get awhile ago.

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