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"Anti Band Campaign"

1998, benbry and nr9 started this project. Benbry made a class of 2002 webpage with pointless content I don't know what. Later he decided to hack his own page... so the page then said "the Tas 2002 page has been hacked by the Ph1yin' Kowz of Mo5kow" (I don't know why ph1yin' kowz; Moskow cuz Russia is good) and started a detailed evaluation of band... and why it's bad. Benbry was called "darkani" or "darky" something back then. Nr9 was always nr9 (actually, Nr```9, but it's too hard to type). They played violin in the orchestra. I played violin in the sucky orchestra, which sucked. Benbry asked me if I wanted to join PKM, and I did.

I didn't really do much. Anyway, all the project did was show how strings are good, and band is bad. There was a disclaimer that the intent was just entertainment (and I thought it was pretty damn funny... still think so now... and those jokes are pretty good for jokes from 8th graders), but this stupid girl from Indiana super criticized the site. Hey, it's like criticizing a comedy show. Annoying shit.

Yeah, that's how the kowz started.

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