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Lightsaber Gathering 3 - Intro

Project PROM was pretty good, and the "lightsabers" (I should really call them glow rods, since they're just long glow sticks) looked pretty good. I think the still camera really doesn't do them justice. Even though the pictures look worse than fan pictures you find in SW fan sites (and yet again, we're not Star Wars fans), these rods actually glow. The ones that glow, that you can buy, suck, break, and are effin expensive.

Problem with glow rods is they aren't reusable -- after about 8 hours they're pretty dim. All you have is a rod with liquid inside, a souvenier (I kept mine from PROM). The better alternative is to use electric glow rods. Lightsaber replicas break real easy I've heard. Our glow rods, you can figth with, you can change colors, and you can take apart. They cost only a fraction of the damn merchandise price too. And oh yeah, they glow, and you don't need to do some fake effects like rotoscoping like they do in fan videos. There's really no point. It's just cool to see... cuz they look good.

Objective: another lightsaber (glow rod) gathering that uses better designs

Means of production: all hand made again. acryllic rod with plastic fillings, xenon flashlight, colored transparencies, duct pipes, aluminum foil, insulating foam

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