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Mankit CD - Intro

Mankit CD was our largest project during high school. Production spanned half a year during our junior year (procrastinating at the end, during finals and AP exams), costs were high, and we lost money for every CD we distributed. Inspired by a picture of Mankit copying the sullen look of CD covers with heartbroken-looking singers during a WV club outing, benbry made a parody CD cover with it. After a night of discussing designs, Nr9 printed one the next day, and, somehow it just all went on. 'God Records' is the Kowz CD production team (subteam).

Objective: memory, have fun, learn, record Mankit's holy voice, and as always, swa fei.

Means of production: software editing, digital cameras, Mankit mankit mankit, professional printshop (money money money), manufactured resources (CD cases straight from factory), MiniDisc recorder, God Records.

Some people missed the point of the CD and complained about its quality. Of course it sucked, not like we didn't know. The whole damn point wasn't to make a pro-sounding CD. First, it looked pretty damn good; second, nobody I know would spend the effort just for fun (except for us); and third, it's Mankit, and mankit is holy. By the way, one day PJNB was found on a Napster user in California. It was a relative of some friend. But still, pretty funny.

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