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Mankit CD - Songs

Graphics works was okay. Songs... are embarrasing! Hehe, but it's not the point anyway. What I did with my CD, was put it away. I don't plan on listening to it ever! Maybe when I'm old, and wanna hear what our voices sounded like back then. So no singing here :).

The songs here are backing tracks from the Tracks Final 1, pretty much the backings we used for the product. I gotta say first that these were made entirely from MIDI, the computer synthed instruments. They sound like shit, so don't expect anything professional. So all this music was generated from, uh, pretty much a MIDI file, a MIDI player, recorded back into a SoungBlaster Live!, and edited a bit with a sound program. It won't sound any better than classic game soundtracks like Wing Commander or... I dunno, NES. But just for fun, here they are. By the way, the original plan for the CD was, since the singing sucked, use the backing to divert attention; and cuz the backing sucked, use the singing to divert attention. Hehe, you figure out how that works... its like eating something bitter to cover up bad taste.

Oh yeah, and I wont post all the files, cuz some just give me the creeps from listening :)... well enjoy I guess... I mean suffer... nyahahaha, I hope you got ear insurance.

  • Track 1 - Revelation, the intro track.
  • Track 2 - PJNB, the first track to finish (and probably an'ungood' track... take it with humor, otherwise don't listen)
  • Track 5 - The song on the cover!!! You can hear how fake the piano and violins are. But the cello... if you use SoundFonts, this is BHCello, and it rules. It's only 1.38megs and it sounds really real.
  • Track 6 - Hehe, this dumb song with a bunch of nonsense. How repetitive. How repetitive. How repetitve! Just like PJNB. Just like techno.
  • Track 7 - Back2, the song s0nz wrote for us. I think this song has more brain than all the other tracks, :). Oh yeah, thanks to nick, joseph, byris, Fred and Jerry ("aka Jerkit" he said in Revelation final), we performed this in Talent show '02. No big deal, but it felt good hearing real instruments for this song.
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