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Kowz listing! Kowz involvement in 2002 (alphabetical, and informal):

asy_9 (acid 9)

crazy person. so is he asinine. likes to sleep, especially in high school classes. sleep in class is exceptionally nourishing.


says random things. knows secrets about evil carrots. many times he is guai and doesn't go out to swa fei. wrote many good articles like jason pan.


lefty. likes to boat. likes unskillful girl singer groups (4inluv). 1st doubles 3 years in a row. became benbry because god of cookery, and benbry went to hahahahaharvard and cacacacambridge university. very random. has lotsa ideas for swa fei. but boating has degraded his creativity.


has a good house. mostly everything for project prom was done at his house. works out daily and very strong. good badminton form. good at faking people out. has a good humor.


has to take care of zsq in TAS badminton 2002. Senior in 10th grade (in school year 2001-2002). Attended a senior class meeting, purchased senior jersey.


localness. but very guai. see, he's well-dressed and nice-looking here. lacks evil... well... appearances are decieving. Has a good humor to swa fei. Plays quite a bit of Aztec.


is a bicep. note pecs. master of food. likes getting his picture taken. known for buffness, science and math wiz, and food. 1st singles badminton. Has a lot of stamina and relies a lot on it in games. Worked too hard in high school and got valedictorian as a side effect.


created the world. is the class god.


i dont have nick's picture yet (in fact, i don't really have any nick's pictures) proud apple user. made class-related videos (all of them i believe).


has an oddly structured brain and likes to take tests in odd positions -- which helps him top the class scores consistently. Undefeated in iasas badminton, but too swa fei so the coach wont's put in 1st singles.


localness. street smart. has a discreet lastname and is known by his lastname. got some gut. got some nerve. Ticked off librarian and got kicked out (along with nr9). got invited by iris on stage in CKSH.


known for exceptional sense of balance. swa fei. did most graphics layouts in mankit CD. Always smiling and nice-looking, but has a secret arsenal in his mind. Creates good ideas for pranks.


known form unemotional face (this picture is rare. keep it.) and sudden motions, like self-choke. famous quote: "i gotta go pee" and "stop," both said monotonously. Also known for secret buffness. 2nd doubles for 3 years in a row.

victorious luser

likes to take pictures and draw pictures. likes his very long -- and hard to type -- name. appears everywhere there is badminton and whenever "badminton" is mentioned. If you say "wanna play badminton?" into your watch, he will pop out of your watch. But now, he's preoccupied with Warcraft 3, so it doesn't happen all that often.
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