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Kowz Background

Hi, you. some swa fei here. no offense.

The Ph1yin' Kowz, previously known as da ph1yin' kowz of mo5kow, was formed in 1998 to promote awareness of the differenes between what is good and bad. One of the earliest projects was the anti band campaign. Everybody should know that strings are superior to band instruments. Why? Well, it'll take a long time to convince you. Not that we can't, but we're out of time. So for now, just believe us. We're right. And why? Cuz we said so.

Another campaign, perhaps most successful, was to convert many of the lost population of the world into the right mentality, to set them on the right path, to show them the right light. Of course, this must be done by devotion to mankit; mankit is, undesputably, the absolute. Some people still refuse to accept the truth, but in time, they will see that mankit will one day be the conquistador. Hernando Cortez was a fluke. Mankit triggered the volcano.

What the team does now continues to adhere to the way of swa fei. By the way, many people tend to spell "swa fei" incorrectly, along with many other phrases. That is bad behavior. We do not have time to lecture you. You must enlighten yourself. Nr```9's brief list of incorrect and corrected romanizations will speed that up, shall you need the help. Yeah, so as always, we swa fei, and bring to you the large-scale swa fei projects that will leave a long-lasting memory for you until you no longer remember how to remember. 2001 was the Mankit CD. Although the music sucks, its production was the perfect excuse to record some of mankit's heavenly voice. Also produced in '01 were the team uniforms. Uh, no. You're so-called brand name jacket is ugly. Mine is better. Mine is swa fei oriented, mine is good oriented, mine is mankit oriented.

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