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ice cream.

nei zhong
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some random pics now...
bluekow: my current desktop (without the clutter you see below)
messedupdual: once my screen screwed up when running dual monitor... with 1 monitor at 1280x1024, the other at 1024x768... you can see the clutter I had at the time
meditate: our mass meditation session during the WV outing 2001
swordman: an old, old drawing... slightly edited
benbry lan screenshot: notice 3 things: the main thing, the messedup system buttons... he had a resource problem then... 2, notice winsystem... 2% resources free HAHAHAHAA! 3, his running of opera... practice of MDI = bad, bad, bad, bad you benbry. MDI sucks and good thing micro$oft notices it and turned newer versions of Word into SDI
school looks big: victor's photo... the school looks BIG! school looks good: another victor's photo... school looks GOOD!
Jaspervilla: victor seems to make everything look better than actual (well you can disagree about the latter point... well former if you want)... here, jaspervilla looks like a model house
SUPER JUMP: i forgot who took this... but it's the most amazing jump smash benbry has ever made... that time he jumped nearly one whole floor... clearly over Victor, his doubles partner, as you can see... WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT??? SUPER HIGH! He jump smashed a faulty return of a drop I think... But the height... uh... kinda strange.
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