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Local Dance - Hwa Jian

hwa jian, one of the most random local dance we went. nr9 found out the information from some random local. So nr9, shin and sid went to hwa jian senior high school few days before the dance and randomly asked someone for the tickets. it was at a randomly place, we had no idea where we were. all we knew was where the mrt station is. we were like asking everyone we see for the direction. finally we got 5 tickets from a hwa jian student, but benbry suddenly said he couldn't go. So instead of benbry, mankit got roy lin to come with us. So nr9, sid, shin, mankit and roy went to this local dance, where only 1% of the ppl there, are not from hwa jian. it was the only indoor local dance we ever been to. the lights inside was swang, just like a club. shin asked a hot chick for a dance. but she rejected without even look at shin. maybe she got a boy friend or something. mankit was the one who keep pressure shin on asking someone. turn out mankit didn't ask anyone himself. he chicken out. roy had better luck. he asked a chick for the dance. she didn't know how to reject, plus she hurts her foot and she couldn't get away. so roy got his dance with this alrite chicks. the whole dance was swang. however, we spent almost the whole time looking for makit's cell phone. turn out he left it on the taxi. lucky he finally got it back from the taxi driver. Thanks to shin's taiwanese conversation with the taxi driver.

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