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Local Dance - Chung Shan
by shin

the chungsan local dance included nr9, byris, shin, sid, weed and zsq. we at first attempted legal means of attending the dance by having sid and shin purchase tickets 4 days before the dance. unfortunately we had to line up with dinosaurs only to find out that the tickets were sold out. the 6 of us still showed up at the school on the day of the dance, finding illegal means to enter the dance. zsq managed to buy two tickets. So he entered the dance with nr9. our remaining squad split up. shin and sid. byron and weed. scanning the perimeterof the school for possibilities of illegal break-in. we found a place where locals jumped over the wall, only to get caught by guards and get sent out. stupid locals. we, however, decided to send weed over the wall. he climbed over this old man's house, a dog barked at him, the old man came out, weed jumped the wall, but was caught and kicked out of the school. we later found out that we could reuse the local dance tickets. nr9 and zsq threw their tickets over the wall, and shin and weed were next to enter the dance. left was
sid and byris. it was more difficult to enter from an increase in security, but we were skillful. now that all of us were in, we proceded in our traditional local activities which include stealing glowsticks, training, tripping people, tapping chins, grabbing ass, and more stealing of glowsticks. although zsq and weed were new to local dances, they adapted quickly. training requires alot of stamina, so after a couple hours we took a rest, only to be approached by SND. we were questioned about our tickets and byris retaliated with fierce attitude. we were surrounded by 3 SND who started interrogating us in taiwanese. danchen was skillful when talking to SND, although one of the iSND threatened him to fight him. during this interrogation, zsq ran like a baby. we all got mad at zsq, but in the end we were able to continue with our localness dance and we acquired a super amount of glowsticks.

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