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Local Dance - Bei Yi
by nr9

The week after the CK dance, it was boring. There were exams, but nr9 knew that local dances will help him absorb local intelligence. On that weekend, nr9 went with local mike to a bushiban trial lesson. It was funny. nr9 didn't understand shit but wore a third grade CK uniform and everyone thought he was the shit. When he was asked questions, nr9 confidently answered the correct answer: 69. For some reason, the teachers became suspicious and when nr9 and mike were prompted to fill out personal information, nr9 simply wrote down mankit's phone number and a fake name. The bushiban staff called mankit's number and asked if nr9's fake name was there. They were pissed and sent someone to escort nr9 and mike out of the cram school. nr9 and Mike were then faced with nothing to do and a nearby local school dance at TFG. Mike simply walked up to some of his local gangbangers and asked for some tickets and we got some of them and got in. TFG was really shitty. The music sucked and the DJ made the atmosphere really cold. It was different from CK. It was more formal, there were more breaking crews around, and the DJ said no trains. No trains? FUCK THAT. Everyone started forming trains anyway and nr9 and mike started the fun by stealing glowsticks. At this dance, nr9 learned the importance of keeping the glowsticks. He stuffed them in mike's ass and mike's ass glowed like a shitbowl. After stealing glowsticks, nr9 and mike were being chased by fuckin dinosaurs. It became really violent as they pushed the dinosaurs to the floor. Also, nr9 got punched in the head(after stealing a glowstick from a bitch) by a fuckin gay ass local who hits softer than nr9's dick slaps his bitch's pussy. nr9 wanted the glowsticks to be kept but mike had different plans and being the pimp he is, he decided to hand out the glowsticks to chicks and dinos. This dance was a trial for glowstick stealling and the next one at CKSH would yield 200 glowsticks stolen by us. The dance and local bushiban did help nr9's exams so the moral of the story is that it is necessary to be surrounded by locals.

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