Name How Do You Do_______
Counselor Burger King_____
TAS ID# 696969__wow what a long line_


We do not expect that you will have answers for every question, but please take your time and provide as much information as possible. Your response represents an important source of material for writing the most supportive recommendation possible.

1. Please list where you were born and where you have lived, indicating the length of time in each location.
Some say I was born in a stable in Jerusalem. At the same time, people saw my face in Hong Kong. I have been in both places for an indefinite amount of time. For your reference, people like to use A.D. or A.M.K.

2. Anticipated academic major in college. What areas of study are you considering? What are you interested in?
I want to major in good. The area of good will be suitable for me!!! I am interested in besting the bester. You have a gooder suggestion?

3. Academic honors or awards received, if any: (Indicate the years that you received them.)
I received a special award from the president Man Chun Li himself for achieving an unparalleled 6.9 GPA, highest in history. Many people have wondered how I achieved this. They didn't realize some weighted courses are +6.9, such as AP Sex. I hold the world record of cooking. There is an error in the record book itself. Nobody is able to cook an egg on his hand like I. Only I know the secret recipe to make ChaShao good enough that you roll on it while you eat. Oh, and the special tricks you see on movies, when the cooks throw veggies in the air and cut them up neatly, I taught them that. But none of them do it correctly.

4. Special skills, talents, awards, hobbies, and interests: (music, art, drama, etc.)
I make your favorite sesame cake. You no bird me?

5. High school co-curricular activities: (clubs, student government, committees, etc.)
I am an active member of the stupid government. I like to fight and throw chairs and dump my glass of water on other people. They like it too that's why they do it.

6. Comment on your involvement in any of these activities. Indicate if you have been an officer or leader. If your contributions to any club or organization has been especially significant, please describe.
I lead the Catch Jason effort team. We catch Jasons. Jasons are bad so we like to catch Jasons. For example, the Jason we most recently got our hands is responsible for the creation of many disastrous virii, including Code Red II.

7. Athletics: List your participation by team and indicate JV or Varsity. Indicate the number of years on a varsity team. Indicate any leadership positions or awards earned in these sports (Captain, all conference, etc.)
I fly faster than a fly. But I also swat flies. I've been team captain for Varsity fly swatting for 3 years already. I'm an official judge of the IASAS dish-washing competition. Sadly, TAS never performs well in that. For some reason, washings are better at dish-washing.

8. Comment on your volunteer, community service, work, tutoring, or other experiences.
I volunteered to create the earth and tutor her people. But her people are disobedient so now they are sent to community service.

9. Indicate significant travel experiences. Tell what made them meaningful.
Intricate significant travel experiences.

10. Languages in which you are proficient: Indicate spoken and/ or written and level of proficiency. Indicate which language you learned first, which language you speak at home, and if applicable, when you began your study of English. Comment on the cultural influences that have affected you. With which culture or cultures do you identify most closely and why?
I speak good well. I began studying - hey, why English? English is just one of the other 10000 languages there are on the planet. How many do you like?

11. Community activities: Religious organizations, youth groups, scouts, musical groups, social service groups, etc.
I am a devoted Mankit worshipper man. Worship worship whorship whorship whoreship mankit mankit mankit man.

12. What books, people, and/or ideas have been strong influences on your development and attitudes? Tell how they have influenced you.
Todo (steal beans), a potato I met in CTY, taught me to read the little red book. It seems like 1.2+ billion farmers read the little red book too! But I am not a farmer, I am celestial. What do I do with little red book? Your country is smaller than my dick.

13. Comment on a significant learning experience during your high school years. Describe the setting and the experience and why it was meaningful to you.
I learned that Roshambo shows the right way. If you ever come into a debate of something, just roshambo with your adversary. If he wins, he's right. If you win, he's still right. Well, yeah, I have to admit you're right. Because roshambo shows the right way.

14. Comment on your academic record, choices of courses, grades, transition from previous schools (or from an ESL program), or other academic issues/concerns.
I believe your school offers a too limited selection of courses. From where I came from, you could take AP Sex. There was also AP Mankit studies, which I aced. But the GPA could not be calculated because one must not give Mankit a number. One must see for himself.

15. What other information would you like to share that will help the reader understand you better?
All your base are belong to us.

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