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amdrew | benbry | nr```9 | victorious luser | tomkit
Don't be surprised if some of these pages haven't been updated for ages

Good links:

  • XnView: browse images, slideshow, convert, and create thumbnailed webpages. You'll never know how good this program is until u use it, and it's free. Thanx benbry for telling me about it.
  • Counterexploitation: most people don't know how much harm ad-ware is doing to their (mostly windoze based) computers. This is where to find out about it, and counter it.
  • Cerulean Studios: Trillian (linux and windoze) combines ICQ, MSN, Y!, and AIM*, and IRC all in one client, with customizable xml skins. So ditch the stupid corporate programs that already suck.
  • Virtual Plastic: tweak windoze cuz its ugly and slow. BTW, my "start button" is actually a ":) button" (yeah the button does turn smaller too... saves some taskbar space :) )

IRandom links:

  • tas webpage. our high school. a page i only know exists because 1. the school talks about it. 2. library computers have it set as homepage. A page I link to because 1. i feel an obligation, as an alumni. 2. you can go check out the very usefulness of a high school web page.
  • somethingawful: victorious luser told me about this site. I think some of the postings are funny, like the one on Warcraft III.
  • allyourbase: all your base are belong to us.
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