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Hi, You
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bye class of 2002... don't forget to swa fei. don't forget MANKIT. and don't forget the kowz

Oh, yeah, my homepage (cuz this is devoted to kowz) is at triple w dot columbia dot edu slash tilde a p h two thousand nine. to covert the part after tilde, connect the letters and stick on the numbers (numbers as in 123). Okay cool.

All pages best viewed in Internet Exxxploder v5.0 or above with at least 1024x768 resolution. Macromedia is the best. But since they're getting bigger, they're gonna suck soon, just like all large enterprises.

I think I should define swa fei (cuz we call it swa fei, probably not everybody). I wonder if English has an equavalent phrase. Here is my breakdown of it. Swa = do, in an intentional way i.e. intended for something. Fei = loser, silly, dumb (right?). So swa fei should mean the combined definition. But swa fei is for fun (depends on your sense of humor).

RC5 is OVER!

Update (10/02/02): fixed some incorrectly displayed backgrounds and, FINALLY, added a message board (which took a few clicks, because i'm using the 'gear' provided! hahahaha dumb.). just for the sake of completeness -- cuz nobody's gonna write in it anyway. this site is almost completed... i'll complete it in a while... fix all the links, add pictures, a few more pages, then pretty much all done, and this site will officially be dedicated to memory. and, i guess, it will be the first completed site i've ever made. what kept me from updating, was dreamweaver got screwedup and a lost all my template links between pages, so i had to manually update page by page any small text, which was repetitious and annoying. well, i actually manually updated snippets of code with ultraedit today. small things, but they kept me long enough. actually, i would need to add friend links to the sides of every single page... i'll use ultraedit scripts then or some better method (if i can discover one).

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