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Local Dance - Chien Kuo
by nr9

At the beginning of the week Fred Chang(his cousins go to CK) told nr9 that there was going to be a dance at CK. nr9 then asked BECK about it but beck was being a fag and wouldn't obtain tickets for him. So nr9 found a local bitch on the internet called gloria and she asked if we wanted CK tickets so he said "fuck yea." In the same week, we also became acquainted with a random local called Mike Wang. His badminton comprised of an elegant form and startling technical finesse. At the end of the week we went to Mike Wang's beautiful school and we decided that weekend to go to our first local dance at CK together.Sid, shin, nr9, benbry, byron and Mike Wang went. We waited at the gate for the bitch and when she gave us the tickets she had a bitchy face and bitchy attitude. However, the school itself was beautiful. We could see jihad written in arabic script everywhere. The classrooms were full of signs of support for "Ben Ladden" (the local way of spelling it). We took pics everywhere, in classrooms, of CK inmates, and bathrooms. Their bathrooms had excellent posters on the walls. When we entered the dance, it was really fierce. There was a cave, and fire and laser displays of arabic characters. It was an outdoors dance at their basketball court and at first we stood near the stage and watched some lok performances. We saw some celebrities on stage and shouted obscenities at them(well, they're fuckin celebrities). Then, we learned the local dance. The local dance is a 300 year tradition with great symbolic value. However, we haven't been able to decode the intricacies of the local train dance. We just simply followed people around, tapped people on their heads, touch their breasts, touch their asses. When we got tired, Shin suddenly took a glowstick from a CK local. The CK local was speechless and his biwildered face was priceless. We decided it was very fun and started stealing glowsticks. We were really fierce and grabbed glowsticks away from people who were crying for them. nr9 also started tapping people on the chins and everyone started tapping people on the chins and it was very fun. It was raining and everyone got wet. Afterwards, we started throwing glowsticks at people. Like all local dances, it was a good night, but we still had a lot to learn in terms of glowstick management.

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