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AHuang Anarchy Page

You are the th anarchist to visit this page!

This is the AHuang anarchy page. Anarchy is mainly about explosives. If you like blowing things up this is the place for you. If you like energy chemistry or studies of reactions between active subtances you can also find what you want on this page. If you aren't using Windows, get windows, you fool. No, I do admit that Unix and Linux are ten times as good, and even OS8 is better, but when NT5 is out, they're gone. Well anyways, here are a list of files which are are zipped up. Some files I have in my own directory. Some other files are linked from other pages, which if that page's owner has changed it, the link will be screwed up and then you can email me to tell me that it is screwed up. The pages that I linked files from will be seen on the bottom of the page so you can go there if you want. Also tell me if some files are screwed up so I can fix them. Some of the files, when viewed under a text editor, will show blocks and other funny things. When this happens, please use your browser to view the files.

I will not be responsible for any actions you make from reading all this stuff... since you asked for it!
And the documents' authors should diserve more credit than this page itself.

zip1.zip16 filez... making james bond pen to anarchist home companion
zip2.zipbaking soda bombs to the anarchist cookbook by "BHU"
zip3.zipcalcium carbide bombs to carbombing
zip4.zipcherry bombs to deproofing lighters
zip5.zipdiskbombs to explosive compounds
zip6.zipblack powder to fax loop pranks
zip7.zipfertalizer bomb to lock picking
zip8.zipflame throwers
zip9.zipgrenade making
zip10.zipanarchist companion to maceballs
The Jolly Rogers cookbook v5.1This one is very popular and very good
The Big Book of MischiefAll kinds of this and that
The Terrorists HandBookYou can tell by the name!
Anarchist's cookbook revision V Anarchist's cookbook

If you have any extra files that you already have from other sites after you download and extract these .zip files please delete them (There might be lots which you already have). If there are any other anarchy and explosive files, again please mail me the whereabouts of these files because I really would like to learn more about how to make those explosives so I can blow up stray dogs. If you don't have the extracter for .zip files please press this link to download

Links of where I got files from, or places you might want to check out

The fallout zone
Ring's Anarchy page: Warez, Anarchy, Hacking, Cracking and more!
A good page with a good amount of files


This page is dedicated to my cousin Jon. Thant you for visiting this site! please bookmark my page and mail me whenever you think I should update my page.

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